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Class: Malignant_neoplasms


Instances (9)

Template Slots
  Slot Name Documentation Type Cardinality
CausedBy   Diagnosis, Treatment 0:*
CausesSignOrSymptom   Signs_and_symptoms 0:*
CommonlyAccompaniedBy   Diagnosis, Signs_and_symptoms 0:*
CouldBeRelatedTo   Patient_characteristics, Testing, CHF_risks, Classification, Treatment 0:*
Cui   String 0:1
Definition   String 0:1
IndicatedTestResult   Relevant_test_results 0:*
MayBeCausedByMedication   Medication 0:*
MayIndicateDiagnosis   Diagnosis 0:*
RelevantSignOrSymptom   Signs_and_symptoms 0:*
RiskFactor   CHF_risks 0:*
Synonyms   Synonym 0:*
TreatedBy   Treatment 0:*
UMLSSynonyms   UMLS_syn 0:*

Own Slots
  Slot Name Value
Cui C0006826
UMLSSynonym Malignancy, Cancer

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