A knowledge based platform of services for supporting medical-clinical management of heart failure within elderly population

HEARTFAID is a Research and Development project aimed at devising, developing and validating an innovative knowledge based platform of services, able to improve early diagnosis and to make more effective the medical-clinical management of heart diseases within elderly population. HEARTFAID aims at defining efficient and effective health care delivery organization and management models for the optimal management of the care in the field of cardiovascular diseases. The HEARTFAID innovative computerized system will improve the processes of diagnosis, prognosis and therapy provision, providing the following services:

The formalization of the pre-existing clinical knowledge and the discovery of new elicited knowledge represent the core of the HEARTFAID platform.

Current progress

Zagreb meeting, June 21-23, 2007

Project participants

Project coordinator: Contractors:


Team members after the final meeting in July 2009
(from left to right):

Team members in spring/summer 2008

Team members in autumn/winter 2007 during the work on D29

Team members in summer/autumn 2007 after successfully ended D21 and D22

Team members in spring 2007.


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